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It's Time to Find a Marriage-Minded Man You Can Trust

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4 Questions Women Ask About Men (and the answers from my hubby)

 Every woman I have ever coached has had questions about men. And why wouldn't this be true? Men can often seem difficult to understand. (Ever heard of that book, "Men Are From Mars. Women Are From Venus?")

Good news! In this episode, my husband and I demystify men and answer the top 4 questions I receive about the opposite sex. These answers about how guys will help you navigate the dating process with greater clarity and give you more confidence, too!

Enjoy! If you'd like to learn more about the Single Over 30 Relationship School, or how to apply to coach with me one-on-one, visit shanaschuttecoaching.com. 
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4 Commitment Fears (and what to do about them)


If you want to find a trustworthy, marriage-minded man and get married, you may also have some opposing fears that push against your desire to tie the knot. Maybe you're afraid of choosing the wrong guy; maybe you're afraid of being smothered, losing your independence, or that marriage will just be too hard or difficult.

If you "get" these commitment fears, then this episode is definitely for you. And, (yay!) my husband, Clark, joins me for this episode to give some wise nuggets from the man's perspective.

If you'd like to learn more about coaching with me, visit https://www.shanaschuttecoaching.com It would be my honor to talk with you. 

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4 Perspectives That Will Keep You Stuck in Your Relational Past


If you want to move past the pain of your relational past and you want to find a great relationship, then this Single Over 30 episode is for you. In it, I share 4 perspectives that can keep you stuck in the muck of your past and prevent you from moving forward. I also share a little of my own story about how I got stuck in the regret of a lost relationship. 

I hope you are encouraged. To find out if you are a good candidate for one-on-one coaching, just click here. I hope to talk to you soon! 

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[Special Episode] Guest Interview: How She Beat Dating Anxiety and Met a Great Guy Online


In this special episode, I have a conversation with Annie, one of my coaching clients. She shares her journey of how she beat dating anxiety to meet a great, marriage-minded man online. She also shares about the dating strategy she implemented while we worked together. 

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How to Invite a Man to Take Your Relationship to the Next Level


On this Single Over 30 episode, I share an inspiring story from Annie, one of my one-on-one coaching clients. In this story, I reveal how Annie invited a man she was interested in to "take their relationship to the next level" -- and (best of all!) how his response revealed his level of intention and his interest. If you aren't sure how to invite a man to move your relationship forward then this episode is for you. Check it out! To learn how you can work with me for one-on-one coaching like Annie did, visit https://shanaschuttecoaching.com/



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How to Avoid Going Nowhere Relationships and Unproductive Dating Patterns

Are you tired of meeting men but then the relationship stalls, moves too quickly, guys ghost you, or you become disappointed because men aren't who you thought they were? If so, then today’s Single Over 30 episode is for you. In it, I’m going to help you avoid non-productive patterns so that you can find your Mister by explaining 5 important dating and relationship stages that you don’t want to skip over. 

I'm rooting for you! The dream you have to love--and be loved--is possible! 
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Should You Share Your Insecurities About Yourself with a Man?

 What should you do if you feel really insecure in a relationship and you feel that you aren't worthy of a particular man, or maybe even just men in general? In today's episode, I share some guidelines about how to verbalize--and not verbalize--your insecurities. I hope you are encouraged! You deserve to be loved and loved well. 
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4 Things to Do So You Don't Exceed the Relational Speed Limit

 On today's Single Over 30 podcast, I'm sharing about the mistakes I made when I was single that kept me stuck in some unproductive dating patterns  and 4 things you can do so you don't exceed the relational speed limit. I also talk about relationship stages and how understanding them can help you find a great guy who is interested in commitment.
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Practical Tips to Help You Succeed at Online Dating


On this Single Over 30 podcast, I'm sharing super practical tips you can use while online dating to be more successful and improve your opportunities to find that trustworthy, marriage-minded man. Plus, I share about how you can register for my free, 5-day Online Dating Challenge that starts tonight, Feb. 22!

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What to Do If You Feel Like You're Not Enough

Let’s face it. Love can feel scary. 

From the time you’re in elementary school and you hope that that special boy will put a Valentine in your box, to when you’re 30, 40, 50, or 60 and you’re dating, being emotionally vulnerable can feel frightening. 

Last week, I had free, one-on-one coaching sessions
 with three lovely women: One in her 60s; one in her 50s; and one in her 40s. And, although they didn’t say, “Love is scary” I knew that they feel that it is. How do I know? 

Because they reject themselves before a man can reject them. 

Here’s what this looks like:

  • A man smiles at you in the grocery store. He’s handsome. Tall. You blush, look down, and tell yourself, “He wouldn’t be interested in someone like me” so you walk away without even starting a conversation.
  • A man tells your cousin he’d like to get to know you better. You think, “If he got to know me, then he...
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