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[Special Interview] The Way She Met Her Husband Will Blow Your Mind


Hi, Awesome Single Lady!

In this special interview on the Single Over 30 podcast, I have a great conversation with one of my old roommates, Monica, who married in her thirties and met her husband in a way that will blow your mind! My conversation with Monica is a reminder that all things are possible. 

We also talk about dating anxiety, breaking up, self-sabotage, "putting yourself out there" even when you don't feel like it, and not seeing yourself as unwanted but valuable while you are single. 

I know you'll be delighted with this special interview with Monica! 
The dream that you have--to love and be loved--is possible!

Your coach, 

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In a Toxic Relationship? How to Tell.


Before I married, I once chatted with a 36-year-old man on the Internet who asked if I would like to see his requirements for a mate and marriage. “Sure‚” I typed. “Send them over.” His request was curious, but I was amused when I received his list for the perfect wife.

In today’s podcast, I share what I learned about this guy and I also share 23 questions you can ask yourself to identify if you are in an toxic relationship or if you meet a man how to tell if he could be abusive.

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9 First Date Dilemmas and What to Do About Them


Hey there, Single Lady!

First Date Dilemmas. They happen all the time. Maybe he asks you out after the first date but then you never hear from him again.

He asks you out, you go out and have a good time, but then seems like he just wants to text you. He doesn’t move the ball down the field and ask you out again. 

You want him to ask you out after the first date, but aren’t sure how to let him know without coming across as chasing.

Ooooh! This is going to be a great episode because I’m going to share 9 First Date Dilemmas like those that I just mentioned and share what to do about them. 

You're going to love it! 


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Episode #104: 6 Ways to Tell if a Man is Breadcrumbing You
Episode #10: The Only Two Questions You Need to Answer About a First Date

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How Grieving the Loss of Your Ideal Love Life Can Help You Find True Love


Hey there, Single Lady!

It's disappointing when you feel love should happen in your life in a certain way by a certain time and it doesn't happen that way at all. And not only can it be disappointing, but it can fill soul shattering.

You thought things would go this way, then you wake up one morning and realize that the years have come and gone and your deepest dreams and desires for romance haven't been fulfilled—and you doubt they will be fulfilled now.

You think, “Too much time has passed. My vision of my fairy tale life has flown away with the ticking of the clock.”

Check out my signature program, "Finding Mr. Right: Everything You Need to Know to Attract & Create a Loving Relationship with a Trustworthy, Marriage-Minded Man. 

The dream romance you thought you would have when you were young is replaced by the painful reality that finding him feels much more complicated than you could have ever imagined.

If you can relate to any of what I...

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What to Do If You're Afraid to Date or to Love


When I was dating and I met a man I really liked, I often experienced a lot of fear. There was something in me that would get triggered and I would become very anxious.

I was confident and happy in the rest of my life, but enter Mr. Charming and poof! My confidence vanished and I was replaced by a fearful woman I hardly recognized. 

Maybe you can relate. What do you do if you're afraid to date, afraid to love, or even if  when a guy just looks at you and smiles that you go into a spin of "What ifs"? 

Good news! I'm here to help you today with encouragement and practical advice on this episode of the Single Over 30 podcast.

If you'd like to take the next step to get help with your dating and relationship life to help you attract that trustworthy, marriage-minded man, I'd love to help! 

When you sign up for my most affordable coaching membership, you'll get my "Finding Mr. Right" program that is worth $1200 for free--and you can cancel at any time! ...

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Things That Keep Women Single


Around the time I turned 35, I started wondering, "Why am I still single?" I had no idea what would have possibly prevented me from meeting my Mister Right. What I didn't know was that I had some unhealthy dating patterns that were holding me back from engaging in healthy relationships. It was only after I married and started coaching that I realized how my dating choices held me back. 

If you've ever wondered why you haven't met a special guy, you might be able to relate to some points in this episode. But before you listen, please hear me: this episode is not to blame you or make you beat yourself up. Every single thing that I talk about that keeps women single in this episode is something that can change. You are not irretrievably broken. There is nothing "wrong" with you so that you can't have a relationship. But just like it is with everything else in life, we can learn new skills. 

And, just like I met a great guy who loves and adores me, I am confident...

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How to Recognize Red Flags and Red Flag Men


Hi there, Single Lady! 

This is a "must listen" episode because the majority of the women I have worked with or coached say that they have encountered Red Flag Men. In this episode, I help you recognize red flags--and Red Flag Men. 

Have you ever ended a relationship, and then looked back over your shoulder and thought, "How did I miss those red flags?"

If so, then this episode is for you, and if that hasn't happened to you and you want to avoid this unpleasant situation, then this episode is also for you. It's a win win!

The dream you have to love--and be loved--is possible! 

Your coach, 


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My Hubby Joins Me for How to Invite a Man to Pursue You (without chasing him)


Hey there, Single Lady!

This is a fun episode and I know you're going to love it. 

In this episode, my husband, Clark, and I talk about: 

  • The difference between chasing and inviting a man to pursue you
  • Why it's okay to go up to a man and start a conversation with him
  • Different levels of physical affection
  • Why men need to pursue women and women need to be pursued and 
  • How to get a man to ask you out on a date

Ooooh. . .this one's good!

The dream that you have to love--and be loved--is possible!

Your coach,


P.S. Learn how you can get my course, "Finding Mr. Right" (worth $1200) for free by sponsoring the Single Over 30 podcast. 

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Love or Limerance? How to Tell the Difference


Have you ever felt as if you were in love with a man but then it turned out not to be love at all, maybe even a toxic relationship, or a complete mismatch? But it felt so right at the beginning.

This brings up the question: Was it love or was it limerance?

What is limerance? That's what we're going to talk about on this episode: What it is, how to recognize it, how to keep from making poor relationship choices because of it, and how to tell the difference between limerance and true love.

If you'd like to find out if you are a good candidate for one-on-one customized coaching with me, please visit singleover30.net, click the "coaching" link in the menu at the top of the page, then choose a time from my calendar for a free, 30-minute breakthrough session. I look forward to talking with you soon! 

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8 Marriage Myths Single Women Need to Ditch


I've been married for almost 9 years now. How time has flown! My husband and I have a good marriage and we're still going strong, for which I am thankful. 

Recently, though, there was a discussion in a singles group online about marriage and it got me thinking about the myths single women often believe about marriage—and how those myths can hold even the best woman back from getting a great relationship.

So today, I’m going to share 8 of the most common myths about marriage--including sexual compatibility in marriage, soul mates, and how things in a good marriage should be easy and that marriage is really difficult. 

I know you'll be encouraged! 

Your Coach, 

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