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9 Myths About Men


If you sometimes feel as if men are difficult to understand, then this episode is definitely for you. Today, my husband, Clark, joins me to pull back the curtain about 9 myths about men. 

Here are some of the myths that Clark is ready to clear up for you on today’s episode. Check it out! 

 1) Men don’t have body image issues like women. 

2) Men don’t feel as deeply as women. Or, men aren’t emotional.

3) All men just care about sex.

4)   Most men are commitment phobes.

5)   Guys don't tell their friends everything.

6)   Men don't like women to earn more than them.

7)   Men are intimidated by women. 

8)   Men are turned off by paying for a first date.

9)   Men don’t want to plan the first date.

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