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Why Conversations Die on Dating Apps


Hey there Single Lady!

You meet a man online and you connect. The next thing you know, the conversation dies and he disappears. Why does it always seem that you have a hard time keeping the conversation going? Why do men disappear and what can you do about it? I answer those questions in this episode. I hope you are encouraged!

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Show Notes


Online communication has its share of troubles, right? One of the biggest problems is keeping the conversation going. You may ask a man questions, but he may not try to keep the verbal tennis game on. Why does this happen?

Online Distractions


One of the reasons this occurs is online distractions. As we all know, dating apps move quickly because of the numerous messages and matches you may receive at any given time. Studies have shown that the brain can only keep up with three to five people simultaneously.

Why a Man cannot truly be interested in you online


When it comes to online dating, a man cannot truly be interested unless he personally meets you. His true emotional investment doesn't begin until you he sees you face-to-face. Developing a relationship with a man in real life can spark his interest. 

Men prefer talking to texting


According to research, most men prefer talking over texting. This is one of the reasons why men tend to disappear suddenly during texting. Sometimes a man may want to move your text conversation to the next level, but he doesn’t know how to do it (and he doesn’t want to be perceived as creepy.) During this time, someone else online may come along and divert his attention.


Many men are really into texting, so they may ignore long text messages. 

Men are not wordy


Men are generally not as wordy as women. Therefore, most men don’t communicate as much through texting. Sometimes they may send a video or a meme, but according to research, women have men beat when it comes to communicating to build relationships.


While many women use texting to connect emotionally and build relationships, most men aren’t fond of this method. However, if you ask a man for more than a text conversation and he doesn’t want to do more than text it may be because he is married. He may be an online scammer. He may be someone who is just enjoying chatting online without pursuing anyone.



Online dating is a platform to get singles dates. That’s why it’s called online dating, not online texting or messaging. According to studies, 60 percent of online users are looking for a committed relationship. However, the remaining number who aren’t interested in dating is still large enough that you need to weed out the non-committal types from your options.

Some coaches suggest that to keep the conversation going, that you can ask for a man’s phone number, photos, or ask open-ended questions. You can also keep your notifications on so you can see all of your messages. However, keep in mind that these strategies are still keeping you within the platform without a guarantee or solid plan of moving off the platform.

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