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3 Ways to Break Up the Right Way (without regrets)


On the Single Over 30 podcast, we’re all about attracting trustworthy marriage minded men, but today I'm covering a topic that can be a part of dating. I certainly hope it's not part of your story, but if it does happen to you, I’ve got you covered.

I'm sharing how to break up with a man and how to do it so that you don’t experience regrets. There are right ways and wrong ways to break up.

The wrong way will leave you with regret, wondering if you did the right thing--and maybe wondering if you treated the man the right way.

The right way will help you know that you did everything that you could and that you conducted yourself in a way that was honorable. This right way leads to peace and learning healthy communication for your future relationship.

The dream you have to love--and be loved--is possible!


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5 Ways to Tell If You Should Take a Break from Dating


Hey there, Single Lady!

Whether you're typically an extroverted woman who loves the excitement of going out and meeting new people (and even a blind date doesn't scare you!) or an introvert who’d rather do a movie night at home alone than face the possibility of another date--it's common for single women to need to take a break from dating every now and then. 

But maybe you're not sure if you need to take a break. All you know is that you're not as interested in dating as you once were. Is it time to do a "dating detox" before you jump out there again?

In this episode I share 5 ways to tell that it's time for you to take a break from trying to find your Mister.

I hope you are encouraged!

Remember that the dream that you have to love--and be loved--is possible!

Your coach,

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How to Find Out if a Man is Marriage Minded


Hey there, Single Lady!

Have you noticed how confusing it can be to tell if a man is marriage-minded? Perhaps you have experienced what I did as I entered my thirties and forties as a never-married single woman . . . 

I discovered that age has nothing to do with marital readiness.  

Sure, men in their thirties and forties are often more established. They may have great careers, friends who are married with kids, and they may even be showing signs of aging. They seem like they should be ready to tie the knot.

But a wise woman knows that in our culture of casual dating and hook ups, broken hearts and men who have been burned, you need to know more than that he wants you to date him exclusively. If you want to say "I do" and become a Mrs., you need to know that the men you date are marriage-minded.

How can you discover this? I'm share how to tell if he's thinking about his future, or just thinking about how he can get you to go out with him again on...

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In Her 50s and Never Married, She Happily Tied the Knot


Hey there, Single Lady!

When Lori started coaching with me, she hadn't ever married or even had much real-life dating experience. She was in her fifties and wanted to find a committed relationship that would lead to marriage.

Through coaching she discovered the internal obstacles that were holding her back from finding love and she also implemented a dating strategy that helped her meet a wonderful man online--and then she happily tied the knot. She said she hasn't ever had the level of emotional intimacy before that she has with her new man. (Just love it!)

In this episode of the Single Over 30 podcast, Lori shares about her journey from singleness to marriage to encourage you!

Love is possible at any age!

Your coach,

P.S. To apply for a free coaching Breakthrough Session with me, visit singleover30.net and click on the "Coaching" link at the top of the page. 

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Best SO30 Episodes of 2022 - Part 2


Hi there, Single Lady! 

In this episode, I've got something super special for you: We're doing another "Best of" episode for 2022! 

If you didn't hear this popular episode this year, awesome! I'm honored to be able to share with you for the first time. If you have already heard it, no worries! I invite you to take a list a second time. You never know what might speak to you this time around. 

I think you'll be super encouraged!

Happy New Year!

The dream you have to love--and be loved--is possible!

Your Coach,

Shana Schutte

P.S. To apply for a free, 15-minute Discovery Session to find out if the Single Over 30 Relationship School or one-on-one coaching is a good fit for you, just click here to set up a time on my calendar that works best for you. (No obligation to sign up.) 

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Best SO30 Episodes of 2022 - Part 1


Hey there, Single Lady!

I love it when a year wraps up and a new year is around the corner. I love it because it gives me an opportunity to look back and celebrate all the blessings I have received. 

Some of the blessings I am celebrating as 2022 comes to a close are the top episodes of this year. I'm not celebrating them to toot my own horn, but I am celebrating them because the top episodes from this year show me which topics spoke to you most--and that helps me serve you better!

In this episode, and in next week's episode, I'm sharing the top episodes of the year. 

I think you're going to love this! (If you haven't ever heard it, awesome. And if you have, take a listen a second time! You never know what might speak to you this time around.)

The dream that you have to love--and be loved--is possible! 

Your coach,
Shana Schutte

P.S. To find out if you're a good candidate for the Single Over 30 Relationship School, which includes one-on-one...

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How to Tell If He Will Change That "One Thing"

Hey there, Single Lady! 

Oh boy! This Single Over 30 episode is all about a topic that I have personally experienced myself--and that many women I coach experience. 

You meet a man and you like him but there is that one thing that you just can’t see yourself compromising on. 

Still, you might be thinking, “If he would just change that ONE THING, then things would be great. We could have a great future together.” Or, he has that “ONE THING” and you’re wondering if you should accept it or hope that he will change--or try to get him to change. 

Today in this episode of the Single Over 30 podcast, my husband and I address those things that you shouldn’t hold out for a man to change because in the long run you are just going to end up unhappy, and perhaps even in a toxic relationship. 

And then, we’re going to talk about how to tell if he can or will change something that just isn’t working for...

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Why Some Men Won't Commit to Marriage


Many women I coach wonder why some men aren't interested in committing to marriage.  There can be a lot of reasons–and it’s important to understand these reasons so you can identify that trustworthy marriage minded man. 

Some of the reasons a man won't commit are legitimate, and when you understand what these reasons are, it can help you identify if a man is ready to tie the knot and if he would be a good mate. 

So in this episode of the Single Over 30 podcast, I share a bunch-o reasons why some men won't commit to marriage. I know you'll find it helpful. 

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5 Ways to Tell If a Man is a Safe Date (and avoid Mr. Wrong)


Hey there, Single Lady!

Welcome, welcome to another episode of the Single Over 30 podcast episode! 

When I was single, I had a pattern I repeated several times: I allowed men into my life who weren't emotionally safe.

Why would I do such a thing? Well, there are lots of reasons, such as I didn't want to be judgmental, I didn't trust myself to make a good choice (because of a broken past relationship), and because I didn't know how to recognize a safe date.

If I did know how, I would have been more equipped to date well and avoid unproductive dating that wasn’t getting me anywhere close to the wedding altar. Plus that would have saved me tons of heartbreak.

Maybe you can relate. Be encouraged!

You don't have to shut down your heart out of self-protection or decide you'll never love again because you fear choosing the wrong mate. Instead, you can become equipped to choose well, and when you become equipped, you'll feel more empowered to make a good decision.


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Is It a Red Flag If a Man Talks About His Ex?


Hey there, Single Lady!

Imagine this. . .

You've just met a guy, and you're on your first or second date and you think maybe he could be someone special. It seems like he has a lot of the qualities that you are looking for, but during your date he does something that turns you off—and maybe even makes you a little afraid . . . he mentions his ex.

And maybe he doesn't just mention her, but he says some unpleasant things about her. Is this a red flag? I answer that question in this Single Over 30 episode and give you some tips on what to do during your “he’s talking about her” date.

He’s showing growth and maturity


Is it a red flag that he goes on and on about his ex? This depends upon the context – his heart. You need discernment here to perceive the condition of his heart. If he’s taking accountability for shortcomings in his past relationship and mentions his growth, that is a good sign.


If he has a bitter spirit,...

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