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My Husband Joins Me for the Show: 3 Things Women Need to Know About Men


[Shana] Today, I have a very special guest in studio. If you could see him right now, he's kneeling before me. He's on his knees at the microphone because we don't have a chair for him, but we'll just pretend that he's doing it for a different reason. <laugh> 

[Clark] I'm going to propose to you again. 

[Shana] Oh yes. That would be lovely. We've talked about how we'd like to redo our vows and redo the day. We just recently had lunch together and I asked you, “What is a happy memory that you would like to repeat?” And you said, “The day that we got married.” 

[Clark] Yeah, that was a great day. 

[Shana] I'm so glad that Clark—this is my husband, Clark—decided to join me because he's going to give us the inside scoop on men. 

[Clark] <laugh> How long is your podcast?

[Shana] Does that mean it will be short or long?  

[Clark] Probably pretty short. Men aren’t that complicated....

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23 Questions to Ask to Tell if You're in a Toxic or Abusive Relationship


I once chatted with a 36-year-old man on the Internet who asked if I would like to see his requirements for a mate and marriage. “Sure‚” I typed. “Send them over.” His request was curious, but I was amused when I received his list for the perfect wife.

His criteria for marriage were included in approximately eight e-mails with three to four attachments each. He’d also written an essay describing his perfect mate. She must home school their children, be attractive, trim and of average height and weight, debt-free, never married, a virgin, she must never have had any venereal diseases and she must be able to give him “wild sex” whenever he asked. Most of all, she must be submissive.

Within minutes after reading his list, my “abusive man” detector started blinking wildly. But just to make sure that my suspicions were correct, I asked him a few questions.

I discovered that he grew up in a home with an overbearing...

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The Best Mindset to Find a Relationship in the New Year

Around the New Year is when people everywhere decide they would like to make positive changes in their lives. 

Maybe you can relate. You want next year to be different. You want to find a trustworthy, marriage-minded man and you want to experience the kind of love you desire.

If this describes you, you are definitely in the right place because in this post, I’m going to share about getting in the right mindset to improve your opportunities to find a relationship.

A Little Story From My Own Life

Over the last several years, I’ve been working on improving my eating habits. I never thought I would get stuck and unhealthy dieting patterns, trying this nutrition plan or this diet and that one, but that is exactly what has happened over the last several years—and I’ve always been feeling like I’ve been blowing it and can’t stick to anything. Many moments, I have felt as if I have zero self-control.  

One day as I was doing...

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What to Do When He is Addicted to Pornography


In a Facebook group for men and women over 30, one of the men wrote: 

Ladies, let's say that you FINALLY meet your guy. He checks all the boxes and there seems to be little imperfection about him. Your family loves him, as do your friends. It seems that he is that one very rare gem. It even so happens that he takes the knee and you say, “yes.”  Yay! You are getting married.

Then he drops a bomb on you: he has bouts with pornography (or lust). But here is the deal: he knows it's wrong and he is desperately trying to quit. He is willing to do counseling and whatever else is needed.

Would you call off the engagement because of this or do you vow to walk beside him every step of the way? I mean, it's obvious he wants to stop.

In another online group, a woman asked: 

Should I continue a relationship with a man who has a real problem with pornography? When we started dating, I didn’t know that he was looking at porn. Recently, we started...

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The #1 Most Important Factor for a Long-Lasting, Happy Relationship


Many women want to be happy, have a relationship that lasts, and have more passion in their love life. Great news! If you can relate, studies have been conducted to explain the number one way to accomplish this.

Finding Happiness in a Relationship

Purdue University conducted a study that was published in The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships that revealed ONE THING  that does more for the long-term survival, happiness, and passion of couples than anything else. 

The researchers of this study surveyed couples and asked what they valued most about their relationships. Their responses showed that the number one secret to a long-lasting, romantic relationship wasn’t the chemistry that we often think is the most important in love. Instead it’s  friendship. 

This study showed that valuing friendship with a partner helps create a relationship with more commitment, greater love, more passion, and deeper romance. Additionally, couples who...

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