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Learn How to
Attract a Trustworthy Marriage-Minded

with Dating and Relationship Coach,
Shana Schutte


From Unproductive Dating to a Serious Relationship with a Quality Man


You can attract a man worth keeping.

Never-married and 53, she met a great guy and tied the knot

You really helped me get through some major roadblocks. There were obstacles in my way I hadn’t even been aware of. 

-Lori, 53

Never in a serious relationship, and now she's a Mrs!

I am so appreciative. I would have reacted totally differently if I hadn’t worked with you. . . my feelings were telling me to protect myself rather than giving me truth. 

-Gina, 44

Getting more face-to-face conversations in  just two weeks

"This is the first time that I have been intentional about [finding someone.] My goal was to have 5 video calls [with men]. I actually had six, and I went on a date!"

-Megan, 41

More self-confidence and recognizing red flags

Thank you for being a great sounding board and encouraging me to trust my intuitive nature and listen to the red flags!

-Angie, 62

Free Checklist

In-between relationships or single for a while? If you wonder if you're ready to date, this checklist will help you get the clarity you need.


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Worry about how to talk to a man on a first date? Check out these convo starters to get the conversation started--and to help you keep it going. 


8 WAYS TO INVITE A MAN TO PURSUE YOU (without chasing him)

Did you know there is a way to invite a man to pursue you without chasing him? Understanding this can be a lot of fun!


Free checklist

If you aren't sure you can open your heart, if a bad breakup has left you shut down, this checklist is for you to help you feel more safe to love. 


Every minute that you're with Mr. Wrong, you're not with Mr. Right.

From "Afraid to Date" to "I Do"

"I needed more than therapy. I needed someone who had been there, who could help me get dates with quality men and find a great guy! Thank you, Shana!" -Anne, 36

Step 1: Overcome Obstacles

Most of what keeps singles single is what they don't know. (That was my story.) I will help you overcome your greatest  relationship and dating challenges so you can move to Step 2.

Step 2: Meet Quality Men

Many singles feel this is almost impossible. It's not. I will show you how and where to meet men you can trust so your dream to experience love can become a reality.

Step 3: Experience Love

Once you have identified and broken through your greatest relationship challenges, and you've met a quality man you like, are attracted to and trust, you're ready for love. 

"Because of your help I have recognized my worth as a single woman. And now, I have found a man who I believe I would not have found had I not have been patient. Thank you for sharing your story and being a beacon of light for the single women around the nation!"


What Others Are Saying 

Through one-on-one coaching, she taught me how to stick to my boundaries and standards so I could attract a quality man I can trust. I also learned how to define 4 types of attraction and how to identify which type of attraction creates a long-lasting relationship. I've learned not to be quick to settle for one man or reject a date based on physical appearance. Instead, I've learned to take a relationship slowly so I can truly get to know the person well.

She quickly responded to me whenever I had questions and was always available for feedback. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me! She’s an amazing woman with a kind heart that genuinely wants to help singles achieve their dating goals and take their relationships to a higher level. "

Ada T.
San Francisco, CA

It's never too late for love!

"I had a free 30-minute session with Shana. As we talked and she asked very simple questions. . .I realized the places where I'd gotten stuck. Now I can learn new ways of responding to life and relationships in a positive way. I highly recommend Shana."

Nancy D.

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"Thank you for actually giving examples of how to know a man is truly showing respect, and not just saying it. Thank you for giving examples on how he should show that respect."


"Shana, I love how you're able relate to us singles that are older. Your course has been very encouraging and given me hope. "


"It has helped so much to know I am not alone from someone who's been there. I realize there are attitudes that I've adopted, unhealthy vows I didn't even know that I'd made, and things that need to change. I came into this not entirely sure what I would get, but I ended up getting a lot more than I bargained for (in a good way). "


"I never understood how the promises I was making to myself were holding me back from experiencing intimacy."


"Shana, thank you so much for the time you spent with me this evening! You listened and responded with wisdom. I appreciate the insightful questions you asked. The time was very helpful. Now I know how to get past my breakup. Thank you again!"


"Through one-on-one coaching, Shana helped me see that when I rushed into a relationship, that my feelings couldn’t naturally develop. It just put too much pressure on me. A few days after coaching with Shana, I knew exactly what I needed to do. I’m grateful for her help in navigating my dating life. Thanks, Shana! "


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