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It's Time to Find a Marriage-Minded Man You Can Trust

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Why You Can't Find Someone You're Attracted To


Women often tell me that they can't find anyone that they are attracted to, and that they can't find any men anywhere that they would be interested in dating. In today's episode, I'm sharing one major reason that singles often don't meet one another and don't find anyone that they are attracted to. (This is something I did in my own life, so I get it.)

I hope you are encouraged!

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Are You Vulnerable to Red Flag Men (8 Ways to Tell)


Have you ever asked yourself, "Why do I keep attracting men who won't be good to me or for me?" or "Why are Red Flag men drawn to me?"

If you answered yes, then this episode of the Single Over 30 podcast is for you! In it, I share 8 perspectives that can make even the best woman allow toxic, emotionally unavailable, or emotionally unhealthy men into her life.

This is a great episode because it's designed to help you see any dating blind spots that you might have. I hope you are encouraged!

To set up your free, 30-minute Breakthrough Session, visit the homepage and click on "Coaching" on the top menu. During your free session, I'll help you overcome your biggest dating and relationship obstacle at no charge.

I'm rooting for you! Your coach, Shana Schutte

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One Type of Man Who is Mister Wrong (Though He Seems Like Mister Right)


One of the challenging things about dating and meeting men, is that it can be difficult at times to tell who is sincere about having a relationship with you and who isn't. And, it can be challenging to know which men are safe or unsafe, especially at the beginning of a relationship when you're just getting to know a man.

In today's episode, I share about one type of man who seems like he's Mister Right, but who could be Mister Wrong. And, I give you tools to decide if you should keep him around or cut him loose.

As you listen, remember that you are worthy of love, that you are worthy of being cherished--and that the dream you have to love--and be loved--is possible!

If you'd like to find out if you're a good fit for one-on-one coaching with me, visit shanaschuttecoaching.com. If you'd like more free dating and relationship advice, visit singleover30.net. I look forward to helping you more on your dating and relationship journey! 

I'm rooting for...

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7 Ways to Tell If a Man is Manipulating You


Manipulation. . .it's not a pretty word.

No one wants to be manipulated but there are times when we may not see that we're being manipulated in a romantic relationship because things get kind of confusing when you're interested in a man, right?

In this episode, I share 7 ways to tell if a man is manipulating you. Even if you're not in a relationship now, you definitely want to put the truths in this episode in your "dating toolbox" so that you can be more empowered when you meet men or get into a relationship with a man.

This isn't about bashing men; it's about being empowered so that you can recognize the men who won't be good to you or for you so you're ready for a man who will love and adore you.

Be encouraged! The dream you have to love and be loved is possible!

I'm rooting for you!


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How Long Should a Man Wait After Divorce to Date?


You're getting "out there" and you meet men who have been divorced. Maybe you even meet a man or two who are divorced, but they haven't been divorced long. How long should a man wait before dating so that you can feel confident about his readiness? In this episode, my husband, Clark, and I answer the question, "How Long Should a Man Wait After Divorce to Date?" I hope you are encouraged.

To find out if one-on-one coaching is a good fit for you, click to set up a free, 30-minute Breakthrough Session with me. The dream you have to love--and be loved--is possible!

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How to Successfully Date with an Avoidant Attachment Style


In the last two Single Over 30 podcast episodes, I’ve been sharing about attachment styles. Last week I discussed how to successfully date with an Anxious attachment style.

This week, I’m talking about how to successfully date with an Avoidant attachment style. If you are pretty sure you don’t have an Avoidant attachment style, this episode is still for you.

Maybe you will meet a man who has this style and you will want to know how he operates in a romantic relationship. And, if you do have the style, this episode will be especially helpful.

I hope you are encouraged! To find out if you are a good candidate to work with me for one-on-one coaching, click here and set up a free, no-obligation, 30-minute Breakthrough Session with me.

I look forward to talking with you soon!

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How to Successfully Date with an Anxious Attachment Style


Dating when you feel anxious can feel very painful and difficult. You may feel confident and easy-going in other areas of life, but when it comes to dating you may panic. If you struggle with an anxious attachment style, in this episode, I share practical strategies you can put into place to help you deal with your anxious attachment style. You can feel more confident! I hope you are encouraged! To find out if one-on-one coaching is a good fit for you, click here to set up a free, 30-minute Breakthrough Session with me.

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What's Your Attachment Style? Find Out.


Have you ever been in a relationship or been interested in a man and you feel like you aren't yourself? Maybe you feel completely confident in every other area of your life but when it comes to love, you feel panicky. Or, maybe you are excited about a relationship, but when things start to get more serious, that you pull away. Maybe you're uncomfortable with words or actions of affection.

It could be that your attachment style is playing into your love life more than you realize.

In this episode of the Single Over 30 podcast, I share an overview of attachment styles so that you can understand more about why you are doing what you do when it comes to love. If you'd like to talk with me about working one-on-one with you in a transformative coaching relationship, visit the homepage and click on the coaching tab at the top of the page. 

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4 Questions Women Ask About Men (and the answers from my hubby)

 Every woman I have ever coached has had questions about men. And why wouldn't this be true? Men can often seem difficult to understand. (Ever heard of that book, "Men Are From Mars. Women Are From Venus?")

Good news! In this episode, my husband and I demystify men and answer the top 4 questions I receive about the opposite sex. These answers about how guys will help you navigate the dating process with greater clarity and give you more confidence, too!

Enjoy! If you'd like to learn more about the Single Over 30 Relationship School, or how to apply to coach with me one-on-one, visit shanaschuttecoaching.com. 
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4 Commitment Fears (and what to do about them)


If you want to find a trustworthy, marriage-minded man and get married, you may also have some opposing fears that push against your desire to tie the knot. Maybe you're afraid of choosing the wrong guy; maybe you're afraid of being smothered, losing your independence, or that marriage will just be too hard or difficult.

If you "get" these commitment fears, then this episode is definitely for you. And, (yay!) my husband, Clark, joins me for this episode to give some wise nuggets from the man's perspective.

If you'd like to learn more about coaching with me, visit https://www.shanaschuttecoaching.com It would be my honor to talk with you. 

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