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How to Spot an Online Dating Scammer


Hey there, Awesome Single Lady!

In the recent months, I have worked with women to help them spot online dating scams—or what some people call a “romance scam.” 

According to the FTC, a romance scam, is “when a person gets tricked into believing they’re in a romantic relationship with someone they met online.”

In fact, their other half is a cybercriminal using a fake identity to gain enough of their victim’s trust to ask — or blackmail — them for money.

Sounds completely yucky, right? Like who wants to put themselves in a position to even be scammed?

The good news is that no one and I mean no one has to be scammed when they are informed, and they know what to look for. 

You can completely avoid these men online. The women I have coached who have met men online for serious relationships have done that very thing and no one has been duped. 

In this Single Over 30 episode, I share what to look  for so that you can feel empowered and confident. You don't need to be afraid of being scammed. 

Romance Scam


Scammers will often create a profile using someone else’s photo and a fictitious name. Often, the photos and the name don't match. Then a scammer will contact women online and attempt to move quickly into a romantic relationship by gaining the victims’ trust. They will establish a pseudo-romance with the ultimate goal to ask for money and then disappear—and if possible, keep a woman on the hook to get more money as long as possible.

Fake Online Profiles


Most scammers have a profile on Facebook or dating apps that indicates that they live in the United States. Scammers often indicate that they work outside the country as a doctor, military man, or construction worker. They may say they work on an oil rig at sea. They will always say they are busy and can’t be reached due to distance or work. Therefore,  they can control the flow of communication between the two of you. This gives them greater power to deceive.

Tip for Verifying a Profile Picture


You can copy a man’s photo from the internet, or you can right-click on it and click “Copy.” Then you can upload it to Google to see if other internet photos match and reveal a different identity. To do this, simply visit images.google.com and click on images in the upper right corner if you're using a computer or a desktop. Or, if you’re using a smartphone, the images (or camera) icon will be in the upper left corner. Then upload the photo you want to search for. This can reveal if a man is using images that reveal he is pretending to be someone else.

Scammers Claim They Need Money


Scammers pretend they are successful. Then, after they’ve emotionally hooked you and made you think they are in love with you, they will ask you for money. They'll create a big story about trouble with finances or another emergency to tug on your heart strings—and your pocketbook. Scammers often ask for money in specific ways such as gift cards, or they’ll ask for a wire transfer.

Reverse Scam


A Reverse Scam happens when a scammer offers to send you money. If you agree for their financial help, they will have access to your banking information, which can result in money laundering.

Other Opportunities for Online Dating


Online dating provides a great platform to practice social skills.  It's also an excellent opportunity to learn to be assertive, wise, and discerning. No one has to get duped into a romance scam when they don’t give money to anyone they don’t personally know and have never met. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about these scams.

Avoid Being Scammed


A scammer will most likely love bomb you and say sweet words to hook your emotions and get your money. Remember not to give out your personal information without knowing a man. You can become informed by doing research about romance scams or online dating scams. You can become empowered. You can meet a great guy online and avoid online dating scammers. No one has to be duped when they are informed.

You've got the power! 

Your coach, 


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