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One Type of Man Who is Mister Wrong (Though He Seems Like Mister Right)


One of the challenging things about dating and meeting men, is that it can be difficult at times to tell who is sincere about having a relationship with you and who isn't. And, it can be challenging to know which men are safe or unsafe, especially at the beginning of a relationship when you're just getting to know a man.

In today's episode, I share about one type of man who seems like he's Mister Right, but who could be Mister Wrong. And, I give you tools to decide if you should keep him around or cut him loose.

As you listen, remember that you are worthy of love, that you are worthy of being cherished--and that the dream you have to love--and be loved--is possible!

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I'm rooting for you! 

Shana Schutte

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