How to Meet More Men

The #1 Thing You Need to Know to Avoid Mr. Wrong and Attract Mr. Right 

with dating and relationship coach, Shana Schutte

In This Class, You'll Discover:

The #1 change you can make to improve your opportunities to meet Mr. Right--and avoid Mr. Wrong.

This change is not complicated; it's not difficult to accomplish, but it's something that the majority of the women I coach initially miss which sabotages their opportunities to meet a man who will be good to them--and for them. 

If you've ever felt there aren't any good men out there, this easy change you can make will definitely encourage you. 

8 simple, proven online (and offline) actions you can take to meet more quality men--and get more dates!

These actions have been implemented by many of my coaching clients to meet--and marry--awesome men who share their values and adore them. Any woman can put these actions into practice--including you! 

How to identify the internal obstacles that could be keeping you stuck from meeting more men. 

Before I married at 46, I was clueless about my internal perspectives that were keeping me stuck in singleness where I didn't want to be--and the majority of the women I coach are blind to what's holding them back too. I want to help! During the class, I'll give you a simple, breakthrough exercise to help you identify any hidden, internal blocks that could be keeping you from love.  

Show up and learn how you can get my course "Finding Mr. Right" (valued at $1200) for free! 

Join me in class and receive (for free!) this guide that shows you 50 + places you can meet more men--and gives you suggestions on how to meet them.

When you show up to the class at your scheduled time, I'll give you this free bonus. 

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A Note from Shana

After working with thousands of singles, and being single myself until I was 46, I've discovered specific reasons that single women struggle to meet good men.  

It may seem that meeting men--or good men--is impossible. Maybe you feel like since college or high school, you've been in a "man famine." I get it. I've been there. 

In this class, I'm going to reveal hidden obstacles that keep women from meeting more men, and I'll also share practical online and offline strategies you can put into place to improve your opportunities to meet more men, get more conversations with men, and get more dates! These are strategies I have used with my own coaching clients and have helped them meet--and marry--great guys!

I always say that the dream you have to love and be loved is possible. And it is! Often, as it has with my coaching clients who have found awesome, marriage-minded men, it takes intentionality. That's what this class is designed to do. I want to give you a boost of encouragement and practical strategies you can use. 

If you're willing to invest just 60 minutes to learn how to meet more men, and you come with an open heart, I promise you'll avoid many of the common offline--and online--mistakes women make which sabotages them. You will never again say the words, “There aren't any good men out there!" 

And I promise that you won't see dating the same again. . . in a good way.  

See you there!