> How to Avoid the Texting Fizzle Effect and Get the Date Instead
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How to Avoid the Texting Fizzle Effect and Get the Date Instead


Picture this: You’ve been connecting with a guy over text and things are going well and you’re hoping he’s going to move it to the next level by asking for a phone call, a date, or a video chat. But then. . . the whole thing just fizzles out. 

I am going to give you an awesome strategy that you can put into practice so that your conversations don’t just fall flat so you actually get the date. 

Here’s a glance at this episode:

What is “texting fizzle”?


You've made an online connection with a guy, texting and building what feels like a good rapport over text—then the conversation fizzles out. No date. No more conversation. It just falls flat. I call this the “Texting Fizzle Effect.” 

Why do text conversations often fizzle out before singles meet? 


To begin with, most men don’t use text the same way women do. You may have heard that "Women have more words than men every day.” This truth applies to written communication and texting too. Lengthy text messages can be overwhelming for many men. Because there are no rules for texting, men may feel like they don’t know what to do next. Should they ask you for your number? Ask you out on a date? Wait until you say something? 

What to do about texting fizzle?


If your text conversations are fizzling out, ask yourself, "What did I do before texting?" Eliminating texting (and even messaging on apps) as much as possible during the early stages of becoming acquainted can be beneficial because it creates a genuine connection between people. 


Avoid texting a man outside of an app before meeting him for a date. According to studies, if you move to texting outside a dating app, your chances of getting an in-person date diminish. This is when the Texting Fizzle Effect occurs. 


I recommend video chatting over texting because it’s an excellent way to determine whether a man is interested in learning more about you—and if you’re interested in learning more about him. Inviting a man to a video chat (or even a phone conversation) will reveal if  he is someone you should spend your time getting to know. 

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