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He Said He Would Contact Me and He Hasn't

Hi, Shana.
A man I met online told me who told me that he would contact me after he found a place for us to meet up. Well, I'm sitting here and he hasn't contacted me and we're supposed to meet in five hours. What should I do? If it gets closer to our date time, should I text him and ask where we are meeting? 
Hi, Rebecca.
I get that waiting is difficult--especially if you are interested in a man.
Here's a little perspective that will help:
Dating is like tennis. He said he would "hit" the ball to you by finding a place for you to meet and letting you know where that place is.
Now it’s his responsibility to do what he said, and it’s your responsibility to wait.
If it was unclear that he would get back with you, that would be one thing, but he made it clear that he would check on a place.
He knows what he is supposed to do. If he doesn’t respond, that tells you a lot. It’s his turn to hit the "dating ball." If he doesn’t, you shouldn’t go to his side of the court to ask him what he is doing and help him hit the ball to you.  

The early stages of dating are a great way to find out a lot about someone's character, if a man is truly interested in getting to know you, and if he is marriage minded. Little situations, like what you are experiencing right now, are good tests.
It takes a courageous woman to let these situations play out. Be that woman. 
 You are looking for a guy who is intentional about relationship and isn’t messing around. You want someone who wants to pursue you. And you want someone who is responsible. If he is interested and responsible, he will text back.
Granted, sometimes friends forget to text, but if this event is important to him and dating is important to him, he will reach out. If he does not get back with you it tells you about something about his intention. Again, just wait, and even if the time passes, do not contact him. Don't do his job for him.
If you go to the other side of the "dating court" and tell him to "hit the ball back to you" you are short-circuiting the dating process whereby you can find out about his character and his intention.
Hang in there and continue to play dating tennis the right way. You'll find a man who wants to hit the ball back to you and will intentionally pursue relationship with you. 

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