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Are You Ready to Date? How to Tell


Hey there, single lady!

I often talk with women who say they're interested in a relationship, but they are afraid. They're afraid that they don't have what it takes to make a relationship work. They’re afraid they’re not ready to date . . . and they wonder if they can have a happy, healthy relationship.

If this describes you, you’re in the right place, friend, because today I am going to share questions you can ask yourself to identify your readiness to date. 

I also have a freebie I want to share with you, it’s the “Ready to Date Checklist” and it contains 30 questions to help you ask yourself if you're ready to date. And it will give you a lot of food for thought about your motivations for dating to identify what you want in your dating life going forward. 

Unfortunately, I do not have the time to cover all of those today so I'm just choosing four of those to get that freebie, head on over to singleover30.net/checklist.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

Readiness Questions


I asked some probing questions on determining one’s suitability for a romantic engagement. The first reason is that you want to go out on dates. Because when you first start dating or putting yourself out there, you want to ensure that you and the men you date or become serious with are on the same page.


You may attract men who are what some people refer to as “players” if you haven’t been honest with yourself about your desire for a relationship. These types of guys are not interested in committing to anything.

Questions to Ask


Many particularly single people are unsure whether they want to date or not because they have had numerous disappointments in their love lives. This can be difficult since, on the one hand, it’s similar to holding desire and declaring, “Yes, I want a relationship.” On the other hand, you’re surrendering to plenty of conditions over which people have no control.


Answering simple questions like, "A year from now, what would I like to see in my dating and relationship life if I could look back six months or a year"If I could look back on my life, what would I change?" and "What would I regret?" can help you gain insight into your true feelings and be more honest. 


I ask myself “Have I detected my dating patterns?” I encourage people not be too hard on themselves if they identify with unhealthy relationship patterns because it’s part of the relationship. Instead, hug yourself.

Words of Encouragement


Using my own experiences, I could tell others they are not alone in experiencing these issues. I want to assist people in uncovering any bad dating habits and be a source of encouragement to those struggling to find love.

Remember that the dream you have to love—and be loved—is possible!


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