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4 Mindset Shifts to Overcome Dating Discouragement


Ah dating! It can feel so discouraging at times, right? You want a relationship but it isn’t happening the way you want or when you want and maybe there are even times it feels like it may never happen. 

This can lead to a whole lot of discouragement. 

And, I get it because I didn’t marry until my late 40s even though I wanted to marry much sooner. 

Keeping the right attitude and mindset can help battle discouragement. 

So, on today’s episode, I’m going to give you 4 Mindset Shifts (or perspectives) you can adopt to stay hopeful and positive while you’re putting yourself out there. 

These are 4 Mindset Shifts to Overcome Dating Discouragement. 

Maybe you’re thinking, “Shana, there is no reason to be hopeful when your dreams aren’t coming to pass.” I get it. 

Keep this in mind: Keeping the right attitude is much better than being miserable and you can do everything better with the right mindset, not just dating. That goes for everything in life. 

And, since we’re talking about staying hopeful, I’ve got something special for you to encourage you. 

I’ve created 7 printable affirmations for you—one a day for 7 days that you can download and print out in color if you like and place somewhere to encourage yourself to remind yourself how awesome you are. Because you are! 

You can put them on the mirror to read and say allowed while you’re getting beatified for the day, or you can put them on your refrigerator. Wherever you like to remind yourself of your value and worth. 

To get these printable affirmations, just head on over to singleover30.net/printable

Keeping the right mindset is important because what happens on the inside of you happens on the outside. The thoughts you bring into dating will affect your dating life in a big way. 


Why people get discouraged


Sometimes there is a season or a time when women become discouraged about dating, most likely because it can feel difficult to find a partner at an older age. But I don't want you to become cynical or despairing since you can still find a wonderful companion in your 30s and beyond.

Mindset shifts


Men have preferences in women, just as you have preferences in men. Women often believe something is wrong with them but this simply isn’t true. Remember that everyone has preferences when dating men who aren't interested in you. 


When it comes to dating, timing is key. Suppose a woman encounters a man who isn't ready to get serious, but then a few months later, he meets another woman and realizes he's ready. Before meeting someone special a man may need to get to know himself better and you may need to do the same—as well as become more confident in your value and worth. 


When expectations are not satisfied, it can lead to disappointment, so it’s best to keep your expectations in check. To remain confident in dating means that you must remain present—and stay in the moment. Otherwise, if you’re always waiting for the outcome, you’ll most surely be disappointed. 


Every date is different. Other dates are fantastic, but others are not.  To stay hopeful, reframe the less-than-stellar dates and interactions; remember the experiences and lessons you learned because this will make you more better at dating—and you’ll feel more positive about every experience. 


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