5 Things That Could Be Keeping You From Tying the Knot
(and what to do about it.)

From Dating and Relationship Coach, Shana Schutte

I've created this special guide just for you. In it, you'll learn about the top obstacles that keep women single when they want to say "I do."

Through coaching thousands of women over 30, I've discovered that the vast majority of them struggle with at least one of these 5 Things. The good news is that these obstacles can be overcome. It happened for me; it can happen for you too! 
With this guide, you'll learn
-A #1 key to stop attracting the wrong men and start attracting the right ones. (p.7)

-2 things women do that sabotage their loves lives when they feel they are unworthy of love. (p.8) 

-3 questions to ask yourself that will help you take the risk to love. (p.11)

-How the promises you make to yourself after disappointment or heartbreak can keep you from loving and being loved. (p.14)
-How chemistry can make you miss a man who is a great match for you. (p. 15)
-Why you should consider the man who you like--but who doesn't make you swoon. (p. 16)
-How "ruling men in before you rule them out" can improve your opportunities to find a great match. (p.17)
-How to get a free coaching session with me. 8-) (p.7)
I hope you're encouraged! The dream you have to love--and be loved--is possible! 


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